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I am 8x vaccinated!

News from 2024


  • July 12, discovered an ad for Divorced Billionaire Heiress with extended clip 
  • June 13 release of FOGO (Fear of Getting Old)
  • June 4 filming undisclosed ad in Chicago
  • May 21 release of Count of Monte Cristo  more info on blog
  • May 6-9 filming "The Divorced Billionaire Heiress"  Blog
  • May 5: I discovered that the "Secret Trillionaire" was renamed "Mystic Tycoon" and a clip is on FB.  blog with clip
  • May 2 "The Substitute Bride" starts streaming on Short Max Blog about The Substitute Bride
  • Feb 26 Filming with "Secret Trillionaire" d Amy Omar.  
  • Jan 28 & Feb 5 Filming with "The Substitute Bride" d Ying Xiao


  • Feb 16, "Protections of Geographical Indications in the EU and Beyond" IIPS

Media consumed

  • Movies seen in Theatres: "American Fiction", "Aquaman 2"
  • Audio purchased: Everything I could find by Tony Ann


News from 2023


  • Oct 10 & 18 recording VO for Count of Monte Cristo
  • June 8&9 -- recording VO for undisclosed commercial -- very pleased that new XLR mic is giving satisfactory results -- after struggling with  USB mics for years.
  • April 14 -- filming "Fear of Getting Old" Bridgeport CT d Leo Caserta


  • Netflix CD's -- Actor's Connection


  • 11/8/23 "One-Day Patent CLE Seminar" NYIPLA in person
  • 11/1/23 "Is It Obvious? Let's Reconsider.  Design Patent Obvioiusness vs Utility Patents"  NYIPLA in person
  • 9/7/23 JPPCLE -- on Zoom
  • Dartmouth Lawyers Association’s July 18, 2023 program entitled, Generative AI and Its Legal Implications in IP Law,

  • 6/22/23 "Anti-counterfeiting Procedures in Latin-America and Europe" IIPS
  • 6/10/23 "From Madoff to SBF to Trump: The Changing Role of White Collar Prosecutions" Columbia Law School & a conversation with Dean Lester & Preet Bharara
  • Dartmouth Lawyers Association’s May 24, 2023 program entitled, Town Hall,
  • 2/3/23 "The New Unified Patent Court and "UPC Land" IIPS
Media consumption
  • Live shows attended: Lindsey Stirling 8/1/23; Sweeney Todd 7/15/23
  • Recordings purchased; Josh Groban (20th anniversary edition of Closer); Mat & Savanna Shaw (2 albums); Lucia Micarelli & Leo Amuedo (Saudade, 2 Christmas Singles), Tony Ann ( Emotionally Red, Emotionally Blue, Emotionally Orange, Something I could ..., Rain); Jackie Evancho (Behind my Eyes, Carousel of time); Connie Talbot (4 singles with Boyce Avenue);  Adam Lambert (You Make me Feel...); William Goldstein (Collaborative Composition); Voces 8 & Eric Whitacre (Home): 
  • Movies seen in theaters: Trolls, Wish, Spiderverse, Oppenheimer, Barbie, Mission Impossible VII
Other events attended
  • NYYM Sessions in April, July & November -- all on Zoom
  • 40th Law School Reunion, Columbia -- in person
  • 50th High School Reunion, Livermore, CA -- in person
Sightseeing videos

News from 2022



  • "How to Help a Loved One Who Struggles With their Mental Health" by Women of Dartmouth 10/13/22
  •         Certificate Program in 3D modeling and 3D animation  -- 1 year program completed this summer  
  • 4/21/22 Climate Change and Our Cities -- Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory virtual
  • 7/19/22 "Environmental Pollution: from Sources to Human Exposure" Celia Chen (Dartmouth '78)
  • 3/10/22 Presentation by Pfizer CEO -- Washington Post virtual


  •         11/16/22 "The future of Fair Use After Warhol v Goldsmith" NYIPLA
  •         11/9/22 "NYIPLA One Day Patent CLE Seminar"  (In person!!!)
  •         10/6, 12, 19/22 "NYPLA 2022 IP Transactions Bootcamp"
  •         9/14/22 "Hot Topics for Congress and the USPTO: 101 Patent Eligibility and PTAB Director Review"
  •         August 2022 -- completed viewing recordings of the Summer 2020 JPPCLE
  •         5/18/22 "Arbitration Seminar" Dartmouth Lawyers Association
  • 4/5/22 "Intellectual Property Crimes and US Innovation" NYIPLA
  • 1/28/22 "Using Petitions Effectively in Patent Prosecution" NYIPLA

Media consumed

  • live concerts attended: Josh Groban at Bethel, NY (7/5/22); Caramoor:  Caroline Shaw, Angélica Negrón & Raquel Acevedo Klein (7/21/22) ; Phoenix Rising (7/16/22)
  • albums purchased: Avi Kaplan "Floating on a Dream"; Mat & Savana Shaw "Happy Like That"; Nathan Pacheco "Higher"; Barlow & Bear "Unofficial..."
  • movies seen in theatre: "Top Gun Maverick" 7/16/22 (Bridgton drive-in, Maine)

Sightseeing Pix

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