Thursday, May 23, 2019

Abortion is a Blessing

I posted the following on FB

When I was growing up, the mother of one of my friends ran an illegal abortion referral service out of her home. She wrote a book about her experiences, called "Abortion is a Blessing." This book is now out of print, but is available free of charge on the website of The Freedom from Religion Foundation, of which my friend is now president, succeeding her mother. I started reading this book, but found it too upsetting, because of the extreme hardships imposed upon pregnant teenage girls who couldn't get abortions. Perhaps people will want to read it


It appears that FB is blocking the above post as violating community standards.

I protest. I don't think this should be blocked. It's not fake news. My friend's mom's act of civil disobedience should be discussable.


I may have misinterpreted the message I got from FB. It arrears appears that people did see my post  after all