Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On visiting Sterling Hall 6/29/2007

I wrote this poem back in 2007 when visiting Madison, Wisconsin.  My father was a physics professor who taught in Sterling Hall.  Sterling Hall was bombed in 1971 and a student was killed.  There is more about this in the book Rads

On Visiting Sterling Hall June 29, 2007
By Anne Barschall (daughter of late emeritus professor H.H. Barschall)

There is something about that door
That old and dingy looking door
Its concrete ornamentation grayed
By years of not so gentle weathering
Something dingy like the old photos
Of physicists, years ago
Photos I grew up looking at.

I thought the photos merely old
When I looked at them as a girl,
But I see now that, no,
Those scenes were always a bit dull
To the eye.

The fire that burned there
In corridors vilely beige and green
Was the fire of the mind
The lightening of genius within
Not without.

Sandaled feet,
A crop of disheveled hair,
Awkward glasses,
Baggy shirt and pants
Of indeterminate color,
Covering a slender form --
The archetypal physicist --

I saw him again today
Walking through the overpass
Between Sterling and Chamberlain,
No apparent difference having arisen
In 80 years of fashion
For the seekers of the watchworks
Of the cosmos,
His dedication to that same search
Showing in his external sameness,
A grayed and dingy sameness;

And a tracing of new brickwork,
On the building’s façade,
Still tells a story of a different type of fire
That I remember from my childhood
A silent memory of a loud noise
In the night.

I hear they will renovate you,
Monument to vanished memories,
Infusing an aura of newness.
Will they try to make the sandaled gentleman
Wear something spiffier as well?


interview with Dave Schuster, my father's student, who was injured in the blast

My father's biographical memoir on the National Academy of Sciences website includes some information about the blast

Monday, September 22, 2014

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  • July 12, discovered an ad for Divorced Billionaire Heiress with extended clip 
  • June 13 release of FOGO (Fear of Getting Old) https://vimeo.com/957504849
  • June 4 filming undisclosed ad in Chicago
  • May 21 release of Count of Monte Cristo  more info on blog
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  • Feb 16, "Protections of Geographical Indications in the EU and Beyond" IIPS

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  • Oct 10 & 18 recording VO for Count of Monte Cristo
  • June 8&9 -- recording VO for undisclosed commercial -- very pleased that new XLR mic is giving satisfactory results -- after struggling with  USB mics for years.
  • April 14 -- filming "Fear of Getting Old" Bridgeport CT d Leo Caserta


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  • 11/8/23 "One-Day Patent CLE Seminar" NYIPLA in person
  • 11/1/23 "Is It Obvious? Let's Reconsider.  Design Patent Obvioiusness vs Utility Patents"  NYIPLA in person
  • 9/7/23 JPPCLE -- on Zoom
  • Dartmouth Lawyers Association’s July 18, 2023 program entitled, Generative AI and Its Legal Implications in IP Law,

  • 6/22/23 "Anti-counterfeiting Procedures in Latin-America and Europe" IIPS
  • 6/10/23 "From Madoff to SBF to Trump: The Changing Role of White Collar Prosecutions" Columbia Law School & a conversation with Dean Lester & Preet Bharara
  • Dartmouth Lawyers Association’s May 24, 2023 program entitled, Town Hall,
  • 2/3/23 "The New Unified Patent Court and "UPC Land" IIPS
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  • "How to Help a Loved One Who Struggles With their Mental Health" by Women of Dartmouth 10/13/22
  •         Certificate Program in 3D modeling and 3D animation  -- 1 year program completed this summer  
  • 4/21/22 Climate Change and Our Cities -- Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory virtual
  • 7/19/22 "Environmental Pollution: from Sources to Human Exposure" Celia Chen (Dartmouth '78)
  • 3/10/22 Presentation by Pfizer CEO -- Washington Post virtual


  •         11/16/22 "The future of Fair Use After Warhol v Goldsmith" NYIPLA
  •         11/9/22 "NYIPLA One Day Patent CLE Seminar"  (In person!!!)
  •         10/6, 12, 19/22 "NYPLA 2022 IP Transactions Bootcamp"
  •         9/14/22 "Hot Topics for Congress and the USPTO: 101 Patent Eligibility and PTAB Director Review"
  •         August 2022 -- completed viewing recordings of the Summer 2020 JPPCLE
  •         5/18/22 "Arbitration Seminar" Dartmouth Lawyers Association
  • 4/5/22 "Intellectual Property Crimes and US Innovation" NYIPLA
  • 1/28/22 "Using Petitions Effectively in Patent Prosecution" NYIPLA

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