Thursday, March 17, 2022

My car pool fantasy

 I would like an app, for instance Google Maps, that would dynamically deploy car and van pools in response to trip searches.

Participants could be pre-screened for safety and credit.

There could be a mileage charge & toll charge that would be used to reimburse drivers for gas & tolls.  Perhaps drivers could get credits at a local gas station for miles driven.

We need to protect the environment and reduce dependence on foreign oil.  We've got to stop being beholden to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

One of the problems with existing public transportation systems is that they generally take much longer than driving.  I live in Westchester County NY.  I once interviewed for a job in Murray Hill, NJ.  I found that it took one hour & fifteen minutes to drive there.  When I checked the public transportation, it was 3 hours one way.  Driving was manageable.  Spending 6 hours in public transportation was not.

With today's artificial intelligence, we should be able to do better with public transportation, by having routes be determined dynamically, rather than once every few months.  We should be able to approach the transportation time that we would expect with a car.

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