Friday, October 17, 2014


I am becoming one of those people who is angry about Obamacare.

I am a sole practitioner, so all of my health insurance is paid for by ME.

First, right after Obamacare, my premiums went up by $150/month because the lifetime limits on benefits were removed.  I didn't mind that so much, because I sort of understood it, but it was distressing, nevertheless.

Now, I find out that my insurance is going away entirely.  I was in a group sponsored by the New York State Bar Association.  Apparently, under Obamacare, the New York State Bar Association can't be a group.  The only groups can be partnerships or employers with W-2 employees.  This implies that the firm that I am of counsel with can also not list me as part of their group, even if I wanted to pay premiums.

How is this helping more people get insurance, by limiting what constitutes a group and destroying a group that's been providing insurance to hundreds or even thousands of people for years?