Friday, May 20, 2022

2020 updates

Moving these from my ongoing log for brevity of that one

News from 2020

recent performances 

courses completed

  • Art 147, "Introduction to Digital Animation" Prof. D Krikun (fall semester 2020 -- via Zoom) New blog site created for this course 
  • Improv 2, Magnet Theater with Ross Taylor (retaking the course -- via Zoom) October-December 2020. Class Show: December 4 on Zoom
  • FTS 212 "Introduction to films and TV," Prof U Gonzalez, Lehman College online (Movies watched: "The Persistence of Vision," "The Kid," "Hugo," "13th," "Pulp Fiction," "The Unforgiven, "Pan's Labyrinth") (Encore program) (July-Aug 2020)
  • 6/1/20, 5/4/20, 4/27/20, 4/20/20, 4/1/20, 3/24/20, 2/25/20, 2/15/20 zoom dance class with James T Lane
  • 2/7/20 dance class with James T Lane
  • 1/21/20 dance class with James T. Lane

CLE courses completed

  • November: several courses from NYIPLA 
  • 9/5/20 "Social Security and Disability Claims: A Primer" United CLE
  • 8/25/20 "Dissecting the New York Primary: Lost Votes and the Creation of a Better Process for November"
  • 8/19/20 "Practicing Law in  a Pandemic: Remote Lawyering in the Age of COVID-19 Part II" United CLE
  • 8/8/20 "Recognizing and Removing Bias from the Legal Profession" United CLE
  • 6/23/20 "Litigating and appealing health care and long term disability insurance denials" United CLE
  • 5/22/20 "Hot Topics in IP" JPPCLE

media consumed

  • albums purchased: "Sing Gently" by Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir; The Soundflowers EP; David Foster "Eleven Words," The Hu "Gereg," Avi Kaplan "I'll Get By", John Williams "The Rise of Skywalker," Adam Lambert "Velvet," Adam Lambert "Trespassing"
  • Livestreams: 4 by Josh Groban; 1 by Matt & Savanna Shaw


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