Friday, January 26, 2018

buykud scam

Here is what the dress looked like on their ad

They said the model was small, but they didn't say she was a dwarf.  They said the dress would fit small, medium, and large. This was a FB ad targeted to me in the USA.  I usually wear medium or large. I'm 5'7"  That's taller than the US average of 5'4", but not inordinately tall.  I wouldn't qualify to be a model in the US, where you have to be at least 5'8"

They also said that the dress would fit sizes 8-14 US.  I normally wear a 12.

This is what the dress looks like on me

The short part is too short for decency -- more like a tunic.  The sleeves are too short -- don't reach my wrists even with the arms extended. Moreover, that long, drapy look from the ad is completely absent.  It fits like a regular shirt on top.

The fabric is very warm, but there are no care instructions, so I have no idea whether it should be washed or dry cleaned.

They demand that I pay postage to return it.  The postage was $35, which was half the cost of the dress originally.

The USPS has eliminated sea mail, which would have been a cheap, but slow alternative for shipping.  Now that Chinese companies are putting so many clothing ads on FB, I think the USPS should re-institute sea mail so that US consumers can return merchandise to these Chinese fraudsters.

Their address:

Room 401, No.1 Building, JuHe Creative Park, Metallurgical Reseach Institute, Hebian  National Road 106, Baiyun  District,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Telephone :0086-020-86213862

ZIP : 510420 

Photos from Spooky Doings 1/6/18

Photos from Spooky Doings 1/6/18

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Obsessive doodling

I've found myself doodling a lot recently -- obsessively, really.  I've been posting photos on Instagram and FB, but I was thinking I should here as well.  Here's an embedded version of my FB album of doodles. I'm still expanding this album

The post that I've embedded says to ignore this, but don't ignore it.  That was just for FB friends. 

I'm frustrated at how this embedding works.  You don't seem to be able to see this album in its entirety unless you go to FB.  Please note that these photos all appear on my Instagram account under @barschall

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Updates: fourth quarter 2017

  • filming Fine Fixtures Commercial d. Rochelle Scharf 12/7/17
  • filming music Video for Franke: Bad Tattoo
  • Creative Block/ Bloc et Blocage, a film I appear in, has won 4 awards: a) silver award in Best Drama category at  Mindfield Awards, Los Angeles; b)  Spotlight Silver Award; c) Prindie featured filmmaker; semi-finalist at Los Angeles CineFest; 
  • National Monolog Slam, Edison NJ 12/2/17 instagram post
  • Continued to appear at improv mixers at The Magnet, Armory, PIT, and Triple Crown
  • competed in the Cabaret Showdown -- 6th Anniversary link to FB event 11/12/17 
  • friends have told me that they spotted me in my background roles on "Wizard of Lies" and last winter's Hallmark Christmas movie.

completed courses

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