Monday, January 23, 2017

March signs (regarding January womens' march on Washington)

Usually I put my political posts on my pseudonymous blog, but I'm making an exception here, because I want to remember this list and keep working on it.

I didn't bring my own sign to the march. I carried some supplied by NOW, one for LGBTQIA rights and one for women of color. I thought about what my sign would say. There were so many things about Trump that upset me. I started but did not complete a list. I was encouraged by the people who listed multiple issues on their signs, either as a list, or different ones on each side.
Still, I feel like sound bytes rule, that I should have my own sign that I could put on my social media: a sign that would be me, that would represent my particular point of view. I'm toying with some ideas.
1. Side A: My father was a refugee from the Holocaust. Side B: let in Syrian refugees (we are responsible for their problem)
2. Side A: Taxation without representation is tyranny. Side B: the electoral college disenfranchises urban voters
3. Eliminate plurality take all elections
Then there are other things, but perhaps they are not so unique to me
4. Fossil fuels are not the future
5. Single payer health care (I don't actually think ACA is a good solution)
6. Student loans are a scam
7. No sexual predators in public office
8. The President must put assets in blind trust
9. The President must reveal his tax returns
10. The President may not be running any business or taking any employment other than being President
11. People who contribute more than $5k per year to political campaigns should not be eligible for public office
12. I don't support men who gain power by besmirching the reputation of innocent ladies
13. The EPA is necessary
14. Arts education is necessary
15. We cannot have a president who prefers to live in a fantasy world
16. Black lives matter
17. Immigrants strengthen our economy
18. Civility in public discourse
19. LGBTQIA rights
20. He isn't clearing the swamp. He is the swamp
21. Pro choice
22. I cannot support a candidate who is cheered by the KKK
23. A man who cannot tolerate polite, respectful comments by an actor speaking from the stage is too emotionally unstable to be president
24. Blue states should secede and join Canada
25. No oligarchy
26. Bullying is not acceptable, especially by a presidential candidate
27. No foreign agents in the Whitehouse
I also think we should stop interfering with the internal affairs of other countries, but I suspect that Trump agrees with that
Sigh. I despair of completing this list. I guess the Syrian refugee thing keeps coming up first, when I make a list. I guess that should be my sign.
I was encouraged by the chant that said "No hate. No fear. Everybody is welcome here."
Ah, yes. Someone had a sign that said "ugh. Where do I even start?" Yep that's me


Updating 2/14/17

28. Corrupt, totalitarian, xenophobic, foreign agent #45 must go

Friday, January 6, 2017

UCB profile page

UCB now gives us  profile page.  Here's mine

This profile page is supposed to have a background photo, so I tried to develop a collage of me to put in the background.  It turns out that the collage moves around strangely depending on the size of the window that one is using to look at the profile page. I had to play with the collage quite a bit to get it to fit approximately. Here are a couple of attempts

As usual, you can click on these pix to make them larger

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