Friday, September 11, 2015

photos and videos of me performing or backstage

Photos first, videos at the bottom (scroll down)
rehearsal at the Clove Creek Dinner Theater

At the Magnet Theater:

Prepping for "Bite School"

Excerpt from web pilot "Failing with Grace"

Musical improv "Global Warming"

You can see me toward the end of this music video

We had a great time hosting the .@magnettheater Musical Mixer last night! Pics:

Anne Issa Berg in "The Sinking Ship" PIT Theater

With Michael Lutton at Camp Magnet

wicked stepmother in Cinderella 

More at the Magnet Theater

Camp Magnet 2014


Links to more photos:

Camp Magnet 2016

Cast photo for A Sketch of New York on twitter

Cabaret Showdown 1/8/17