Monday, April 29, 2024

Flower pix Spring 2024

I made some flower collages, from pix I took during my afternoon walks


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Snow shoeing April 7 & 9, before & after the eclipse

Snow shoeing outfit

Flicker in a tree

My snow shoes

Video of the flicker

Video of the spring snow

Another video of the spring snow

Combined videos from April 9

Eclipse 4/8/2024

Scanning the scenery during the eclipse

Traffic jam on I 93 at 10:30pm
Just before exit 40

Horizon during eclipse

Eclipse (not too clear with Cell phone)

My eclipse viewing outfit

Parking near the Bly Hill Cemetery on route 105


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

journaling about art

 I finished this piece during an online meeting for worship (Quaker) today.

I started to wonder if in fact God was trying to tell me something with this drawing. I journaled quite a bit about it. The following is the start of what I journaled.

can drawing be a ministry?  Am I drawing something important?

big bang

fwo Jupiters in a binary emitting radio waves

Could there be meaningful signals in those waves?

Did the universe begin in a big bang, or is this just an illusory part of something else?

are we inside the event horizon of a black hole?

What expands from the center?

Lies?  Gossip? Rumors?

The truth? Love?  Charity?

Hamas is surprisingly resilient?  

Why are you surprised when they have no place to go?

Their backs are against the wall.

Gang leaders trying to form a government?

Could they do a good job?

Any job would be better than what’s going on now.

We cannot impose nation building from the outside.

It has to come from them.

Are there such voices from inside this drawing?

Are there voices trying to come out?

Can truth come out of the maze of disinformation? 

From the overload of any information?

Can there come order?

Can there come peace?


Monday, April 1, 2024

Forward Party -- e-mail from Andrew Yang

 I am interested in the Forward Party, currently being spear-headed by Dean Phillips and Andrew Yang, two dynamic, idealistic entrepreneurs.

Andrew Yang recently sent me an e-mail asking me to focus on 3 candidates that the Forward Party is supporting currently: John Avlon, John Curtis, and Dave Min.  

This was my response.  NB the letter started out by thanking me for reading.

I hope *you* will read my response.

I feel we need to focus on eliminating plurality takes all elections.  In 2016, Trump won by 70k votes in swing states.  Out of 13 states that I looked at that year that were designated as swing states, there was no majority winner in 12 of them.  It seems very likely that if there were a runoff between the two top candidates Hillary would have won at least some of the states that she lost.

The plurality takes all system is what has ossified the two party system. Intelligent people are afraid to vote for 3rd party candidates out of fear of throwing the election to the person they most fear.  It is also possible that, without that fear, a third party candidate might have won some of those swing states.

The fact that the current election will be between two white men who are both too old to be president, one of whom is a dangerous criminal and totalitarian and the other of whom is a dangerous hawk, is a clear indication that the major parties have become dysfunctional.  The main path to eliminating these dysfunctional, ossified parties is to eliminate plurality takes all voting.

There are two main avenues that have been attempted to avoid electing someone who has not been voted for by a majority of voters.  One is the jungle primary and the other is ranked choice voting.  I personally favor the jungle primary.  I think ranked choice voting is confusing for many voters -- so that they don't trust it.  Also, the jungle primary allows an election where voters are really focusing on the 2 remaining candidates, without other distractions. 

Focusing on individual races, rather than the overall problem, is, imho, not the best policy.

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