Friday, June 10, 2022

More historical info

This is some older information that previously appeared on my updates page, but I decluttered that page by moving this here.  It's not really important.

Here's a photo taken by Brad Benson of me performing with Lauren Stripling at The Magnet Theater in November of 2014.


          How the updates page started (in 2014):

          I made my very first attempt to post updates on linkedin  

          This was one of those hard knocks things.

          First, they had rather small limits on the lengths of updates.

          Second, they removed carriage returns, so that bulleted lists become garbled.

          Third, There didn't seem to be a way to edit a post once you get it up there.

          Fourth, it was really hard to enter text in there, because they automatically substituted miscellaneous links, while I was typing, and I had to hit "escape" while typing to avoid getting this miscellaneous, unrelated garbage in your post.

          So I deleted my post, put a link to my updates blog on linkedin, and am maintaining it for recent updates.  I also have a link to the update page on my website and on my profile at Paul Michael's The Network. I am grateful to this website for allowing me to be verbose and format and reformat my posts.

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