Saturday, December 26, 2015


Links to some more photos of me in various outfits

It seems like, when I'm acting on camera, there are always communication problems regarding explaining what my wardrobe looks like, so I am going to start photographing my outfits.  It's going to take a while to get all of them, but you have to start somewhere.  If you're reading this and this project interests you, you will have to keep coming back.

These are not going to be the most flattering photos.  Maybe that's a mistake. I hope not.  I'm just doing quick snapshots of these clothes.

This was a Christmas outfit.  Long sleeved green velvet dress with red velvet jacket

OK, not everything I own is velvet, but I do like velvet. This is a long-sleeved, rosy-red velvet dress with coordinated sweater.  Of course, yesterday I was wearing jeans and forgot to photograph them.

black suit with off white & bishop shirt

Beige jacket, brown skirt, white shirt with standup collar

Toe Sneakers

Left to right: African dress, floral print jumper, tie dyed dress

hooded pink minidress, very short maroon minidress, tie-dyed dress

Shawls/head scarves
(I used many of these in chemo -- I'm in remission now, BTW)

Capes: left to right loden/beige; navy; purple/green (reversible)
wool hats: black with scarf tie, black with band; maroon

Paper/straw hats for summer

long sweater with horizontal stripes, floral capri pants, winter pattern polartek, two colorful scarves, 4 miscellaneous hats

Duster length sweaters (I wear these a lot so a couple are kind of ratty)

poncho/shawls (that can't be tied around head)

dress/duster or dress jacket combinations (I have more that I haven't put out here)

more velvet dresses 
left to right: vintage dress in green; blue; floor length black
(I have a brown and 2 cocktail length black ones as well)

left to right: heavy Andean wool; indoor mustard; indoor hooded heathered midnight blue

I have a lot of problems with my feet and knees, so I'm very into comfortable when it comes to footwear, tho, so far, I think none of my footwear doesn't hurt me anywhere.  If it avoids hurting one thing, then it hurts another.   I certainly cannot wear heels, pointed toes, or pumps (shoes that hold on to the foot by crunching the toes)


Shoes: (of these, I would say that the Skechers sneakers (blue-grey on left) are the most comfortable)

Boots ( and1 pair of garden clogs) -- a couple of pairs of these are falling apart, so I may get rid of them

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Playing with my tablet & stylus device.  Several doodles from 2015