Sunday, October 7, 2018

Updates Summer 2018

This summer I appeared on The Perfect Murder, "Bizarre Love Triangle," on Investigation Discovery. You can stream the episode here

I hope to excerpt my part soon. I'll let you know when I've got that. In the mean time, I'm in the trailer

I also participated in a story slam. Here's my story

I also once again participated in the annual Randolph Mountain Club Charades

This is a live performance event attended by over a hundred people. I believe that this was the 106th annual charades. 

I got new headshots

I have migrated my website, to Google. My home page is now part of my blog. 

I also took a lot of took a lot of time away from the city in Northern New Hampshire. Here are some photos from my biggest hike

A more extensive list of vacation photos can be found here

I've also been doing some art and even sold some. Here are some of my drawings.

I also took CLE courses in Diversity and Ethics in IP law

As always, I keep an ongoing blog of my activities here

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