Thursday, September 14, 2017

travel pix summer 2017

RMC square dance

Updates Summer 2017

This was a frustrating summer.  I had four gigs that I had been told I had booked fall through.  

I was in "Sleeping Ugly" at the Identity Theater more info here Sleeping Ugly Blog

I did get to do a story slam in NH -- Please note that I'm looking down, because I'm in the pulpit of a church looking down at the audience.

And I edited a voiceover reel

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that I made for fun

This is a portion of a Shelley poem with some of my hiking videos

This is a character impression

Travel Pix on a separate blog here

I've sometimes gone to a drop in dance class with James T. Lane of "Chicago" on Broadway.  He's amazing, but I'm not.  Don't hire me as a dancer, yet.

Some friends say they spotted me in background on "Wizard of Lies" and last winter's Hallmark Christmas movie.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wildfires in 2017

Well this is sort of morbid, but I'm collecting reports of wildfires in 2017, because they seem not to be getting so much attention, in view of the hurricanes

Northern California wildfires


Original post


Sakha, Russia

Glacier National Park

Central USA

US West in general

Fire in Oregon

Washington State air quality map





Not sure if this is still going on.  Probably not, but Nova Scotia