Saturday, December 26, 2015


Links to some more photos of me in various outfits

It seems like, when I'm acting on camera, there are always communication problems regarding explaining what my wardrobe looks like, so I am going to start photographing my outfits.  It's going to take a while to get all of them, but you have to start somewhere.  If you're reading this and this project interests you, you will have to keep coming back.

These are not going to be the most flattering photos.  Maybe that's a mistake. I hope not.  I'm just doing quick snapshots of these clothes.

This was a Christmas outfit.  Long sleeved green velvet dress with red velvet jacket

OK, not everything I own is velvet, but I do like velvet. This is a long-sleeved, rosy-red velvet dress with coordinated sweater.  Of course, yesterday I was wearing jeans and forgot to photograph them.

black suit with off white & bishop shirt

Beige jacket, brown skirt, white shirt with standup collar

Toe Sneakers

Left to right: African dress, floral print jumper, tie dyed dress

hooded pink minidress, very short maroon minidress, tie-dyed dress

Shawls/head scarves
(I used many of these in chemo -- I'm in remission now, BTW)

Capes: left to right loden/beige; navy; purple/green (reversible)
wool hats: black with scarf tie, black with band; maroon

Paper/straw hats for summer

long sweater with horizontal stripes, floral capri pants, winter pattern polartek, two colorful scarves, 4 miscellaneous hats

Duster length sweaters (I wear these a lot so a couple are kind of ratty)

poncho/shawls (that can't be tied around head)

dress/duster or dress jacket combinations (I have more that I haven't put out here)

more velvet dresses 
left to right: vintage dress in green; blue; floor length black
(I have a brown and 2 cocktail length black ones as well)

left to right: heavy Andean wool; indoor mustard; indoor hooded heathered midnight blue

I have a lot of problems with my feet and knees, so I'm very into comfortable when it comes to footwear, tho, so far, I think none of my footwear doesn't hurt me anywhere.  If it avoids hurting one thing, then it hurts another.   I certainly cannot wear heels, pointed toes, or pumps (shoes that hold on to the foot by crunching the toes)


Shoes: (of these, I would say that the Skechers sneakers (blue-grey on left) are the most comfortable)

Boots ( and1 pair of garden clogs) -- a couple of pairs of these are falling apart, so I may get rid of them

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Playing with my tablet & stylus device.  Several doodles from 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

2014 Updates

I'm removing this from my updates blog and making it a separate post

From 2014


  • Passenger in "On the Bus" d Dana Ivgy & Vania Heymann
  • Vampire in "Bite School," d James Balsamo
  • "Untitled III," d Michael Gellman, Theater 54
  • Team "John Lennon's Shoes" d Scotty Watson, Theater 54
  • Doctor in "Liv" d Catherine Eaton @LIVthemovie  This movie has been renamed "The Sounding" and currently has a kickstarter kickstarter for "The Sounding"
  • Shared a personal story at the Elissa Dauria show, Theater under St. Marks" 
  • Nun in "Failing with Grace," web series pilot, d Matthew Mayer photos & video of this role
  • The Magnet Theater Circuit Team “Special Socks," d Sebastian Conelli
  • Improv Cabaret, at Don't Tell Mama, d Barry Shapiro
  • Participated twice The Cabaret Showdown Theater Under St. Marks, d Mark McDaniels  
  • Appeared frequently at musical and regular improv comedy mixers/jams at The Magnet Theater, The PIT, QSIC, UCB -- trying to make sure I get on stage at least once a week at such shows

Performance related courses:


  • Musical Improv Levels I & II at The Magnet Theater with Michael Lutton, Ryan Dunkin, Frank Spitznagel, Jon Bander
  • Camp Magnet, sponsored by The Magnet Theater with Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, David Razowski, Ed Herbstman, Rick Andrews, Rachel Hamilton
  • UCB Improv Level 201 with Nicole Despel, Jackie Jennings
  • Improv intensive at Artistic New Directions with Scotty Watson, David Razowski, Michael Gellman
  • The Magnet Theater Greg Hess: “Scene Rebooted”

Other performance related courses

  • Acquired various performance coaches: Jeanne Lehman; Brad Ross; and Stoddy Blackall


    Became of Counsel to

    Recent CLE courses: 


            Tuesday, October 6, 2015

            @yahoomail Problems with Yahoo! mail

            Strange things are happening.

            I have several e-mail accounts that forward to my Yahoo! account.  I've never had a problem with this before.

            Recently, an e-mail from one user was not correctly forwarded to my yahoo! account.  I got this error message

            Then there was a lot more stuff after that with daemon messages.

            I've deleted my e-mail account name from the above picture.

            Other e-mails forward to my Yahoo!  account from my microsoft online account are working fine.

            Curiously, Microsoft Online is also not accepting e-mails from this one user. This user is also a Yahoo! user.

            Then I decided to go to online help for e-mail.  I posted my question.

            A couple of people posted phone numbers purported to be numbers of Yahoo! itself.  One of these numbers was from a user called "Yahoo Support."  This number was 866-562-7219

            I called that number.  The person there said my account had been hacked by someone in Phoenix and that I would have to pay money to get that fixed.  I became suspicious, because I have no other indication that my account has been hacked.  No suspicious e-mails have gone out.  I asked how I knew he was really from Yahoo!  Then he said it was up to me and hung up on me.

            Then I went back to online help and both of the messages purporting to offer me Yahoo! support phone numbers to call to get my problem fixed had vanished.

            This is all very unsettling.


            Addendum: when this same user writes to me using his gmail account, there is no problem


            Friday, September 11, 2015

            photos and videos of me performing or backstage

            Photos first, videos at the bottom (scroll down)
            rehearsal at the Clove Creek Dinner Theater

            At the Magnet Theater:

            Prepping for "Bite School"

            Excerpt from web pilot "Failing with Grace"

            Musical improv "Global Warming"

            You can see me toward the end of this music video

            We had a great time hosting the .@magnettheater Musical Mixer last night! Pics:

            Anne Issa Berg in "The Sinking Ship" PIT Theater

            With Michael Lutton at Camp Magnet

            wicked stepmother in Cinderella 

            More at the Magnet Theater

            Camp Magnet 2014

            At QSIC

            Links to more photos:

            Camp Magnet 2016

            Cast photo for A Sketch of New York on twitter

            Cabaret Showdown 1/8/17

            Thursday, August 6, 2015

            Struggling with things that don't work

            It has been one of those days.

            Earlier this summer, I upgraded my mac operating system.  Then I noticed that my mac had slowed to a crawl.  Then I found out that I could upgrade my memory.

            I installed the memory, but only half of it seemed to be working.  So I did a lot of pulling out cards and switching them, and finally decided something was wrong with the computer.  I took it to the apple store  yesterday, and had to wait for a tech, who told me it would cost $390 to repair.  I decided not to do it.  Then later I realized I probably had not pushed the top memory card in completely, so I went home and tried and got the memory to work.

            Then I tried a time machine backup, which failed. I contacted apple support.  They said that I should go onto my admin account (which I normally don't use) and get a log of messages from the console software.  So today I logged in to the admin account and ran the backup successfully.  Then I tried to go back to the secondary account, but the backup still failed.  Then I tried to go back to the admin account, but the computer froze.

            So I turned the computer off and on again, and the result was that I only got a white screen and could not get into my computer.

            I decided that it was time to go do some yard work.  I went out and tried to water the bushes.  I discovered that my faucet was leaking.  After I finished watering, I dismantled the faucet and took out the washers.

            I also tried to dismantle another faucet that was leaking, but that was one that had cartridges -- and the nuts seemed to have frozen so I couldn't get the cartridges out.  I have another faucet upstairs where the cartridge can't be changed, because frozen.  This seems to be an issue with faucets with cartridges.  The cartridges may not have to be changed as often as a washer, but then, if they freeze up, you have to replace the whole faucet.

            I tried taking the washers to my local hardware store, which used to carry washers, but they don't any more.  I went to home depot and they also have stopped carrying washers.  Finally Berger hardware had some, tho not exactly the right size -- and no packing washers.  For that I have to wrap something around and try to get the right amount.

            So I went out for the evening and just left the house.

            The computer is working now, so I was able to get the log of the prior session. I posted it to the apple support forum and the guy there said that my external hard drive is failing.  My son has told me never to get Western Digital hard drives, because they always fail and this seems to be a case in point.  I'm ordering a Buffalo one, which seems to be more expensive, in the hopes that it's better.

            Addendum: So, it turns out that the computer starts much faster -- and does not overheat -- when the failing hard drive is disconnected.  I guess the computer was making continuous attempts to access this drive.