Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pictures of me as a Crabby Nun in "Failing with Grace"

This was a fun shoot and I am grateful to my friend Grace Nkenge Edwards, author, for casting me in it.  I'm a bit concerned that a US audience, watching this segment, may feel that it is racist, as there are a group of white people picking on a black person.  I actually do not think that Grace wrote this scene with that intent.  I think she was trying to show herself as a comical, socially inept person.   Here's the clip.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

pictures from "A Bad Year for Tomatoes"

This show ran at the Clove Creek Dinner Theater, Fishkill, NY


Posed cast photos (first one includes backstage crew as well)

Review of the play by Lucinda Antrim

A light comedy that could perhaps have benefited from some tightening in the
script, "A Bad Year for Tomatoes" showcases our own Anne Barschall in a
supporting role as the mystical neighbor, sweeping onto stage in flowing,
flowery clothes with her wand and crystal, squinting a la Emma Thompson in
Harry Potter, sensing disaster and offering healing. Stage direction had
her entering whimsically through the bottom half of a Dutch door, a feat
which she made look easy. An intimate dinner theatre experience, many of
the seats are close to the action. Costumes and set effectively evoke
mid-60s Vermont. The one miss in the costuming department was an
unfortunate beard, which happily (spoiler alert) came off in the character's
unexpected and delightful transformation. The vegetarian main was
beautifully presented and delicious, the Caesar salad fresh and crisp and
complete with anchovy, but avoid the strawberry shortcake. A surprise on
the wine menu was the New York Seyval Blanc, a wine worth becoming familiar
with for its "notes of green apple, lemon blossom and chamomile." All in
all, a highly recommended evening.