Saturday, March 11, 2017

Links to online profiles

I'm moving this from my blog header, so that my blogs will look cleaner

Legal: of counsel to

Blog with ongoing updates


Social Media

Instagram Probably the best place to start in terms of getting a summary of what I'm up to

twitter: @AnneBarschall  I use twitter mostly to complain to customer service departments and retweeting political posts. Pretty boring.

Blog  quite a few very long essays, but also various updates.

YouTube channel

I do have a second youtube channel, but it only has 1 video that ended up there kind of by accident

Facebook This is really a personal account, but I do accept friend requests from people I know.  Not from strange men who have no mutual friends and aren't local.

Google plus: and


Word Press (currently just for a class, but maybe it will be more later)




Actors Access: (this one probably has the best list of significant acting gigs  of any of my profiles)


Casting Networks

UCB Profile

Soundcloud (voiceover demo playlist)

My song on cdbaby

Artist Profile on CD baby  Actually, it just points back to my home page 


Now Casting


Blog about my artwork

Facebook webpage for 

Stage 32

Ivy Life

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