Thursday, November 5, 2020

Pix from my art show @warnerlibraryny

This is the way the rocks look with the display organizers

This was the way the rocks looked without the display organizers


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Letter to @mondairejones

  In response to his email thanking us for supporting him, I wrote the following: 

l  am excited that we get a young person of proven intelligence who can represent us, hopefully for years to come, presenting a more progressive approach to legislation.

I am particularly interested in de-escalating our military

I hope you'll remember my little legislative points, which sometimes get lost in the big issues
1) the cap on my HSA should not be less than the out of pocket maximum on my insurance
2) we need new social security numbers, because our numbers have been compromised. We should be able to get new numbers more easily, just like credit cards
3) the FCC needs to take more aggressive action against phone number spoofing, which has allowed widespread scam phone calls and bombing of telephone conference calls

Also spelling reform.


And on November 5 I thought of a couple more points

- hospitals that refuse to take any insurance off the exchange should lose their not-for-profit status;
- we need to reinstate low-cost sea mail, so that we can return packages to China at a reasonable price.