Saturday, March 30, 2024

My name in letters to the editor

Well, this is cool!  I suddenly found my name in the letters to the editor of a recent issue of Science News.  They hadn't told me that my question got published.  I decided to go back & search for recent mentions of my name in letters to the editor.  I found the following

NY Times

Jan 22, 2022 -- about end of life care

Sept 10, 2022 -- about use of boxes for grocery delivery at my local CTown

Science News

May 2, 2005 -- about solar cookers being superior to cooking with petroleum

March 20, 2022 -- How do we know that kunga were the result of human breeding?

March 17, 2024 -- about cause and effect v correlation in marijuana/depression studies

I know I got published a number of times in The Journal News, but I haven't subscribed for a while, so I don't know if I can go back & find those.

Monday, March 18, 2024

FB & X comments regarding Biden, the Ukraine, and Haiti 3/18/24

Comment I wrote on FB 3/18/24

 Trump is so awful that most Democratic voters have been willing to ignore that Biden is a dangerous hawk.  This has allowed the military industrial complex to keep issues focused on domestic policies rather than our international military behavior.  Both parties continue to vote larger budgets to the Pentagon every year -- larger even than the Pentagon requests.  Pence had a platform item that that budget should be increased even more.  Hillary was also a hawk.  

I notice that Niger is kicking us out.  Countries in Africa are listening to Russia.

Even the New York Times, generally supportive of Biden, has recently run an article indicating that, prior to the latest conflict, the CIA had been cooperating with Ukraine to spy on Russia -- confirming Putin's opinion that control of Ukraine is critical to his national security.  

While I don't necessarily buy into the Republican concern that Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine were indicative of direct corruption, the whole thing is odd. Why was the junior Biden in Ukraine in the first place?  Prior to the recent war, this was a rather obscure place from the USA perspective.  Where did the Republican concern come from? Russian manipulation of social media was likely involved, but there is something definitely peculiar about the whole picture there.

African countries see that and remember that the USA has been a bad actor in the past.   

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Comment I wrote on twitter/X  3/18/24

Another twitter/X post 3/18/24

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