Monday, March 2, 2020

Tulsi wrt Syria and India

Someone on Facebook asked me to provide a link proving that Tulsi is not a Hindu nationalist. This is what I said.

I just find it preposterous. She goes and has a conversation with Modi and all of a sudden she’s a Hindu nationalist. This idea that we can’t speak with people without being accused of supporting them is ludicrous. The idea that the press can force her to insult the leaders of foreign countries, putting the words of inflammatory yellow journalism in her mouth is repulsive. It’s not a good idea for a presidential candidate to be repeating inflammatory words of yellow journalism. Refusal to do so is to her credit.

Yet, the press, in their arrogance, sees fit to tar and feather her,because they can’t control the words that come out of her mouth. If she won’t repeat the words “brutal dictator” with respect to the Syrian leader, all of a sudden she is supporting him. If she won’t repeat something insulting about Modi’s “Hindu Nationalism,” then all of a sudden she’s a Hindu nationalist.

This is a person with no Indian ancestry. She’s not involved with these long-standing Hindu/Muslim rivalries in India at all. She’s an American through and through. She has her Hinduism from her very white German American mother, who must’ve been something of a flower child when she was younger.

Tulsi is the quintessential American, a child of the melting pot who did two tours of service in Iraq. The smears upon her character are the military industrial complex fearing her antiwar stance.

I do feel that she hasn’t been articulate enough in explaining that she is trying to spread the spirit of aloha ... in explaining that she doesn’t want to insult foreign leaders. A presidential candidate who has insulted foreign leaders is going to be compromised in their ability to negotiate in the future.

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