Sunday, March 22, 2020

Argument for requiring masks -- even if they're DIY

There is now an official peer reviewed Study stating the novel coronavirus is viable in the air for up to three hours.

This means that, if you walk past where someone recently exhaled, you could inhale viable virus.  This could happen even if you're six feet apart.  You can normally walk six feet in 2-3 seconds, which is not long enough for the virus to fall to the ground.

I'm upset that we've been getting this advice to not wear masks.  This advice has been extremely irresponsible and not founded in science. 

The following article on DIY masks states that even ordinary tee shirt fabric would filter out 50% of viruses, which is better than nothing.  We have people get flu shots that are less effective than that.

By contrast, in the case of colds and flu, hand washing has been found to be only about 20% effective in preventing spread. It's more effective in preventing spread of digestive viruses.

This extreme emphasis on hand washing and no masks is putting everyone at risk.

In China, where they have succeeded in slowing spread of the virus, everyone is required to wear a mask.

I believe we should require everyone to wear a mask outside their homes -- and, given that there is a shortage of disposable masks, we should be supplying everyone with washable, reusable masks.  My understanding is that various clothing factories are retooling to make such masks. They might not be as good as an N95 mask, but they are better than nothing.

Here are some more instructions for making your own mask

And here’s a cite that seems to undermine the whole hand washing thing entirely.  The CDC thinks that the virus is primarily transmitted by droplets of saliva or mucus landing in the mouth, nose, or eyes. It has not been proven that you can get it from surfaces.


finally an article that agrees with me

Here is the author's twitter account.  He is a kindred spirit.  I appreciate him

Here's a Korean expert recommending masks


Here's a website claiming that vacuum cleaner bags do not contain fiberglass

Here's an article about how masks and handwashing do not prevent "transmission" in flu

I feel that the above article is misworded.  These measures do not protect against infection.  However they do protect against transmission.

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