Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Links to Several Collections of Photos of Me

I've been making some collections of photos of me

  1. Some 2023 selfies
  2. Movies of my selfies (2020 & 2022 selfies)
  3. 2021 selfies
  4. Stills showing COVID hair April 2020  These were stills from video auditions
  5.  Stills from the Pigeon Bra Episode of Mysteries at the Museum  (scroll down on this blog to see the pix, after the reviews) (October 2015)
  6.  Stills from "The Visitor" an Indie Film I was in (January 2016)
  7. Third pass at selecting photos from a shot with Xanthe Elbrick (February 2019)
  8.  Pix Taken at the Westchester County Bar Assn June 2018
  9.  First Pass at Selecting Photos from a Shoot with Xanthe Elbrick (February 2019)
  10.  Second Pass at Selecting Photos from the Shoot with Xanthe Elbrick (with attention to varied facial expression) (February 2019)
  11.  Some hand photos (2020)

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