Friday, February 22, 2019

Updates for January and first half of February

Recent acting activities
  • "Sleeping Ugly" continued into January. 
  • an indie movie 
  • booked my first reasonably highly paid commercial. 
  • joined a short form improv team called Cherub Improv that does charity shows and workshops in hospitals and nursing homes. 
  • I've been to a few improv mixers as well

I got some new, slightly quirky headshots. Here's a link to those

I also opened an art show in the Borough Park Library in Brooklyn. It's gong to be there until February 28, then move to two other libraries in Brooklyn. If you're interested in my art, here's a link to some pix

I just realized that my single can be streamed on spotify -- duh.  I should have realized this sooner.  Warning: the lyrics are quite sociopathic

I wrote this single back in 2014.  At that time, I was participating in a Villain Contest for Jaguar, based on their 2014 SuperBowl commercial.  Originally, they said I should write a villain song, tho later the rules actually said I only had to name an existing villain song.  I hoped that if I won their villain contest it would make it easier for me to book the kind of villain roles that I dream of booking -- comparable to Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars.

I didn't win the villain contest, but then I realized I could use this song as a piece to use to audition for villain roles in musical theater.  I had a friend arrange it.

I'm working on a music video for the song, which I hope to take to festivals, but that's going slowly, due to SFX issues.  My current fantasy is that the song would be picked up by someone who is writing a musical --to be used for the villain character.  Some people have said they think it sounds like Disney Song. That would be amazing, if Disney bought it.

photo of me with Cherub Improv

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