Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stills from "Mysteries at the Museum" episode 912, "Pigeon Bra" segment

This episode first aired 6/17/16 on The Travel Channel at 9pm/8c.  I got to see it at the bar at The Albany Pump Station, because I was up there visiting the Falati firm, where I am of counsel.

It's now available on YouTube for a fee at Mysteries at the Museum, episode 912, Pigeon Bra

Reviews of the show

Just watched the pigeon bra piece and really enjoyed it.  Important history lesson and you looked very authentic.  Congratulations! -- Sheila Furjanic

Stills of me

NB: the stills below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

I decided to go back and capture some more stills.  I think some of these might be duplicates. I'll have to weed them out later.

Other times when the show aired (summer 2016)

June 23
11 pm/10c

June 24
2am | 1c
June 30
7pm | 6c
July 17
11am | 10c
July 22
7pm | 6c

September 4

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