Sunday, March 18, 2018

Boy in the Window, Staged Reading

 On 3/18/18, I participated in a staged reading of a fragment of a musical called "Boy in the Window." The venue was The Point, 940 Garrison, The Bronx.  The playwright is Mike Jones.  The director was Tym Byerz.  I played "Catherine," a really annoying kvetch, transplanted from the Midwest and participating in a free therapy group in San Francisco. Though it was called a staged reading, we were off book, except for a the lead rappers in The Fugue.

This musical is still being written.  We did 3 scenes from it, one of which was a rap fugue.  A more complete version is expected to be performed in October.

This musical explores the personal development of a young, gay, African American man named, Andre, through various experiences.

Link to video

If anyone wants to contribute to the completion of this musical, they should go to the gofundme link below:

Below are copies of the program for the show.  I hope to put up some cast photos soon.

This role called for me to be knitting on stage -- so I made this.  It started out as a 😸cap, but the script called for a long thing, so I just kept knitting, without a pattern, and ended up with a very long hat.

This is a cast photo that was taken after the show.  Unfortunately, one of the cast members had already left when this was taken.


10/14/18  I went to see the second Boy in the Window Workshop at The Point.  I wasn't in it this time, because they were only doing the later scenes.  

This is developing into a unique and intriguing play.  There are a number of nice songs. The main character is a young black man finding himself -- but the play is also about the incredible diversity of our society.  The characters are each a fascinating study into a type.


1/13/19  An announcement was made of the next show

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