Friday, August 2, 2013

washing machine failure

This is a picture of the motor control unit of my washing machine showing burn marks

This is a closeup of a part with the top exploded off

This is a copy of the case for my motor control unit showing burn marks.

This washing machine is a Whirlpool model wfw9150ww00.  It is two years old and therefore out of warranty.

This part cost approximately $220 with the tax.  With the service added, the repair was about twice the cost of a new washer.

The repair person said that this type of damage could be caused by a voltage surge.  

I got a surge protector for my washing machine.  Before that I had never realized that washing machines needed surge protectors.

My previous washing machine lasted over 20 years, with only one or two repairs, none of which was this expensive.

I believe that something needs to be done about protecting consumers from this type of crap.  Obviously a one year warranty with planned obsolescence is completely inadequate.  Moreover, Con Ed should be responsible if their voltage surge caused this problem, yet they claim no responsibility for damage to appliances.

The quality of products being distributed in this country is clearly in a downward trend. I know I am not unique in being victimized by shoddy construction and poor customer service.

The government is asleep at the switch here, while everyone is getting ripped off.


  1. Our forefathers who made your old washing machine, the one that lasted 20 years:

    Those engineers would rather die that sell you a machine that would fail you. They built them to last. They had pride, standards.

    Contrast that to today where these machines fail in a few years requiring you to buy a new one, likely from them. They know this. They have a spreadsheet and they have focus groups to determine how soon a failure customers will accept.

    The equipment is dramatically more expensive, is specifically designed to fail in a few years and all in all this is much less satisfactory than it was years ago.

    It's a gradual lowering of standards in our society. And it pervades our society, you see it everywhere today.

  2. To add to this let me also say we are being charged different prices at different times and we now have to negotiate prices, something that did not go on in the US.

    In the US you always knew that what you paid for that box of detergent at Kmart was the same as what the last customer paid. You didn't need to be on your guard, prepared to negotiate at all times as if you were buying a used car.

    AT&T, DirecTV, any cable or cellphone company, you name it. They raise and lower their prices on a daily basis. If you don't like it you can negotiate. Sometimes.

    Just like at the Bizarre in Tehran, which has been there for 6,000 years.

    It's as if the Persian rug merchants have taken over our country.

    How long until we have to negotiate the price of chicken with the butcher? I don't want that here.

    1. Thanks for your comments Screech. I completely agree with you.

    2. We should write about the lowering of standards. It's everywhere, and I don't like it.

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