Monday, August 5, 2019

searching for barschall on ecosia

I tried searching for my name on ecosia.

I went out to page 49.

I skip most of the references which are to my dad, the famous physicist -- and to me, since those are on other parts of this blog.

I wanted to memorialize some other interesting links I found, especially referring to my grandfather,9171,435972,00.html  Ullrich Barschall — now
Johanna Barschall, b. Loewenheim, was probably the daughter of Jenny Loewenheim and was born on 4 March 1889. Her husband Willi was registered 1939 with the designation Kaufmann / Papiergroßhandel and still 1940 in the address book. After that he is nowhere to find any more, according to his wife he had died. Her son Karl-Heinz, who was born in 1912, was able to emigrate in time.
Johanna ran a bridge club in Wielandstraße and lived on the revenue, because virtually any other activity was forbidden for Jews. In 1939 she wrote to her son that she was forced to deliver her jewelery and other silver and auction her valuables. She had to give everything up and was taken to Grosse Hamburger Strasse. On February 19, 1943, she had to jostle into a demolished by the Nazis as "age transportation" with 997 people occupied death train to Auschwitz.
The next day they arrived there, almost all were gassed. (Wilhelm Barschall)

It turns out that there's a book on amazon that may contain my grandfather's doctoral dissertation


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