Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Turkeys Go on Strike

This is a musical that was in, playing the villain, Tanya von Turkenson.

It's a story about turkeys who don't want to be eaten for Thanksgiving, but it has a lot of parallels with civil rights movements.  There were a lot of geniuses in this. I'm expecting big things of them and of this musical going forward.

I'm really impressed with the sophistication of the musical score, by B. Sweeney and M. Janover.  These guys are young, but real pros.

While everyone in this production was amazing -- and unfortunately I couldn't see most of it, because I was backstage -- there were 2 voices that particularly captivated me, being a person easily hypnotized by singing voices: Dayle Vander Sande and Gabriella Mack.

Also, I find the story intriguing.  It's very silly (even slapstick) in some parts -- and very serious  and moving in others.  There are very strong female characters, which is always nice.  It was also intriguing to me that the playwright/director cast himself as Hooch, the dunce of the show.  I found the rappers, Turner & Hooch, to be kind of similar to the typical pair of clowns in a Shakespeare play.  It was audacious without being overly depressing or offensive.

Producer/author: Ethan Felizzari

This was part of the 2019 Dream Up Festival at the Theatre for the New City


8/25 2pm
8/26 9pm
8/27 6:30pm
8/28 9pm
8/29 9pm
8/31 8pm
9/1 5pm

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Justin Glass

Aerika Gabbin

Alexander Price

Madeline Blue

Brian Sweeney

Vincent Donnadio

Kristin Felizzari

Michael Janover

Nick Camacho

Rick Eberle

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