Monday, August 26, 2019

irobot roomba e6

I got this in June.  It stayed in the box for 40 days or something, because I didn't have time to straighten up enough for it to clean a room.

Afterwards, I finally let it out and it did pick up an impressive amount of dust and is surprisingly quiet.

annoying things it does:
1. refuses to stay on area rugs.  will just vacuum a few swaths of the rug and leave dirt in another section
2. repeatedly entangles itself in the same cord that it just got tangled in five minutes ago.  It should have a cord sensor and it should avoid places where it just got tangled up.
3. communicates with cell-phone via wifi.  the router had a security setting that wouldn't allow it to communicate with devices that were communicating with each other via wifi.  my son had chosen that setting to prevent spying in our home.  he also changed the router password and couldn't remember the new password. As a result we couldn't implement voice control features.
4. gets trapped in narrow area between area rug and wall.
5. pulled a radio alarm clock off a table and broke it

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