Monday, May 17, 2021

Professional updates 210517

 Here's a commercial that I did in April that's super cute.  

It's also on Instagram here minus one scene

I've done 2 in person gigs since being fully vaccinated (second shot: march 9)

I've been busy during the pandemic, taking classes (film & TV studies, animation, improv) and doing online performances.  

I've gotten totally obsessed with animation.  Here's a blog with some examples, where I did VO singing on some (original songs on Whale Unbending Tale and Animatic)

I also started a store to sell my art with Tee Public, the company I did the ad with.  I'm super enthused about them.  They have made it possible for me to share my art affordably with friendsHere's my Tee Public store, in case you're interested.

Some recent selfies

Stills from a photo shoot

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