Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Challenge: learn Adobe Illustrator, install new pen & tablet device, use a particular set of colors

 So I want to learn more of the Creative Cloud Software.  I am working on Adobe Illustrator recently.  

Also I got a new pen & tablet device for Christmas, because my old one no longer was supported under Big Sur.  I find it supremely annoying that Apple does this: rendering software and hardware obsolete with operating system changes.  I hope that the Biden administration is going to do something about this.

Also, I was given a challenge to create some artworks using a set of colors from existing art.

This was the set of colors that I got using Color Slurp. There were some that were fairly close to each other and almost duplicates, but I kept them, anyway. This was a good exercise for me, because my professor in my 2D animation course wanted me to learn about working with color palettes, but I was resistant.  I really liked this group of colors though.

F9D687 (yellow)                                            

7C6633 (khaki)

290000 (dark brown)

2A110A (reddish brown)

E9D5BA (cream)

130601 (black)

8F2A00 (dark red)

561700 (darker red)

88736B (light grey)

4E3B32 (grey 2)

3C2823 (grey 3)

1F1914 (grey 4)

1E130B (grey 5)

DA915F (coral)

916217 (ochre )

1F1209 (almost black)

882E00 ( reddish)

56220B (another brown )

Actually, the colors that I thought were grey were sort brownish or mushroom.

These were the things I created so far.  Think that my friend who gave me the challenge to work with these colors may put something like the top 2 up on his wall, which I find exciting

More work with this color palette

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