Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Proposed constitutional amendment

It seems unlikely, given the current configuration of the government, that we can get the constitutional amendment to remove the electoral college. I'm trying to think of some wordings that might be more generally palatable. Here's a draft


Subsequent to an election for President or Vice president, a new election may be ordered by

  • by a majority vote of either house of Congress or 
  • in response to a petition signed by a number legally registered USA voters corresponding to 10% of the number voting in the election to be redone, 

under any of the following circumstances

1 the winner does not have the largest popular vote
2 no candidate has a majority 
3 substantial evidence that the winning candidate is in violation of any clause of this constitution
4 substantial evidence that the election has been tampered with. Tampering may include
  1. rigging of voting or voter registration equipment or altering ballots 
  2. physical or virtual invasion of any candidate's premises or equipment or data
  3. widespread libel or disinformation directed at any candidate

The new election shall be a direct election, without use of the electoral college. If no candidate receives a majority in the new election, then there shall be a runoff election between the two leading candidates two weeks afterwards. 

A new election under this provision may be ordered no more than once per calendar year. 


I've written this to apply to the President and Vice President, but it might apply to members of Congress as well

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