Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Drinking Habits" 10/6-23/16 at the Clove Creek Dinner Theater

I am really pleased to be appearing for the second time at the Clove Creek Dinner Theater.  I love this place.  They put on very funny productions, which are also family friendly.  Also, they choose scripts with lots of roles for women, especially older women.  I appreciate that.  Also, the food is good.

"Drinking Habits" is a seriously hilarious play.  We're in the second weekend of a 3 weekend run and already we've sold more tickets than any previous production at this theater.  My congratulations to everyone involved.

As usual, click on photos to enlarge

review of play

FB post embedded from Theater:

In the women's dressing room before the show, taking advantage of Pat's long arms as our selfie stick

Outside the theater with crew:

Outside the theater, cast -- posing in scene from the end of act I

Rehearsal photo

Program: (click to enlarge -- also true of photos above)


Addendum: 10/24/16  

On set after our closing show:

In front: Teresa Gasparini, artistic director of the Clove Creek Dinner Theater. Also pictured (approximately left to right) Joseph Gasparini (director); Brandon Patterson (George); Amanda Baumler (Sally); Patrick Manning (Father Chenille); Anna Fagan (Sister Mary Catherine); Bernadette Pikul (Mother Superior); Michael Esposito (George); Amy Gustin (Sister Philamena); Me; Katherine McDonald (stage manager); Tyler Dolack (stage crew)

This was a very fun experience -- amazing script.  Great people.  Loved it.

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