Monday, March 14, 2016

Lady Sketch Lab 2016

I have been participating in the 2016 Lady Sketch Lab at the Magnet Theater.  This lab started out with 84 women.  By the end we were down to 50, which is still a huge group.  Most of us submitted sketches, with several drafts.  Then some sketches were selected for the show.

I was cast as Narrator in "Extraordinary Woman" and Passenger (an improv role) in "Love Train."

This show is scheduled to run March 14, 21, and 28 at 9pm at The Magnet Theater, 254 W 29th St (near 8th ave), NYC

List of sketches

Love Train Part 1
Man Springs
Vous Tube
Vicki & Sue
The Art of Social Media
Love Train Part 2
You've Got Mail
Extraordinary Woman
Defense Dress
Baby Fat
Yoga Farts
Love Train Part 3

Here's a cast photo of the Extraordinary Woman sketch

And here was the entire cast

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