Friday, October 23, 2015

2014 Updates

I'm removing this from my updates blog and making it a separate post

From 2014


  • Passenger in "On the Bus" d Dana Ivgy & Vania Heymann
  • Vampire in "Bite School," d James Balsamo
  • "Untitled III," d Michael Gellman, Theater 54
  • Team "John Lennon's Shoes" d Scotty Watson, Theater 54
  • Doctor in "Liv" d Catherine Eaton @LIVthemovie  This movie has been renamed "The Sounding" and currently has a kickstarter kickstarter for "The Sounding"
  • Shared a personal story at the Elissa Dauria show, Theater under St. Marks" 
  • Nun in "Failing with Grace," web series pilot, d Matthew Mayer photos & video of this role
  • The Magnet Theater Circuit Team “Special Socks," d Sebastian Conelli
  • Improv Cabaret, at Don't Tell Mama, d Barry Shapiro
  • Participated twice The Cabaret Showdown Theater Under St. Marks, d Mark McDaniels  
  • Appeared frequently at musical and regular improv comedy mixers/jams at The Magnet Theater, The PIT, QSIC, UCB -- trying to make sure I get on stage at least once a week at such shows

Performance related courses:


  • Musical Improv Levels I & II at The Magnet Theater with Michael Lutton, Ryan Dunkin, Frank Spitznagel, Jon Bander
  • Camp Magnet, sponsored by The Magnet Theater with Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, David Razowski, Ed Herbstman, Rick Andrews, Rachel Hamilton
  • UCB Improv Level 201 with Nicole Despel, Jackie Jennings
  • Improv intensive at Artistic New Directions with Scotty Watson, David Razowski, Michael Gellman
  • The Magnet Theater Greg Hess: “Scene Rebooted”

Other performance related courses

  • Acquired various performance coaches: Jeanne Lehman; Brad Ross; and Stoddy Blackall


    Became of Counsel to

    Recent CLE courses: 


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