Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Marble Hill Train Station

Before I moved to Tarrytown, NY, I lived in New York City.  The whole time I lived in New York City, I never heard of the Marble Hill Train Station.  After I moved to Tarrytown, I learned that it is a transfer point to the NYC subway system (#1 Line) from the Hudson Line of MetroNorth.  Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people transfer there every day.

Here's a picture from the Broadway Bridge.  You can see the station, down by the Harlem River, with four flights of stairs leading up to the street.

Here's a very short YouTube video I made of this spot 

There are another three flights of stairs to get up to the #1 subway, as it's an "EL" there.  Here is a picture of the additional three flights of stairs to get to the subway.  

There's no elevator.  This is probably the least handicapped accessible train station and transfer point I've ever heard of.  The people who transfer there have to be in good shape.

Not very PC 

On the other hand, it's an amazingly beautiful place.  It overlooks the Harlem River to the south.

Here's the Broadway Bridge from the station.  It's a bridge that can rise up like an elevator on the towers to let boats, through, tho it's rare that they do it, because the #1 subway goes over the bridge.  One time I did get stuck for a long time on the #1, because the bridge was up.

The north side, which is blasted out of the rock, is also picturesque.  Maybe you can see from the width of the roof how very narrow the single platform is at this station.

When I sit on the platform and look to the river, I feel like I'm on the porch of a resort, looking at the water.

It's sort of an anachronism, not having an elevator -- but perhaps that comes with the territory of having such great natural beauty.

So I just thought I'd tell people about it.


I'm just fascinated with this place. Here's another video

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