Friday, July 26, 2019

July 2019 Updates

Performed three times with Bronx County Chorus. Working on my alto belt, clip here

Five performances with Cherub Improv

Two student movies

Completed another musical improv class

Played the Guard in "Twelve Angry Women" at AlphaNYC d Elizabeth Figols-Aquino

Recorded VO for a kid’s horror podcast

I got video for the commercials I recorded in January, but I'm not supposed to put them on social media.  If you want to see them, please contact me privately.

Currently in rehearsals for "Boy in the Window." My cast interview is here  More info on my blog including link for tickets. It's part of #nysummerfest2019

Currently in rehearsals for “Turkeys go on Strike” to be part of the Dreamup Festival 8/25 2pm; 8/26 9pm; 8/27 6:30pm; 8/28 9pm; 8/29 9pm; 8/31 8pm; 9/1 5pm  More info on this blog ag

I had three art shows this year in the Brooklyn Public Library. Link to Google photo album of my art

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