Monday, April 19, 2021

Audio System at SFM

 Photos of components of the audio system (missing photo of power supply)


Third visit

What we need is to go from 6.5 mm audio male to USBA audio male. 

I accidentally brought TRS rather than TRRS cables. I returned them to Amazon and ordered new ones. I left the surge protector, as those are always useful

We’ll likely need a Daisy chain of cables. 

Image of what I’ve ordered. The 3.5 mm female to USBA male includes a chip

The 3.5mm female to 6.5 mm male converter did not work as advertized.  It was a headset converter, not a microphone converter, so I substituted this one

Update 210620

relevant components:
  • 3 Crown PZM-30GBP mics installed in ceiling (communicating via XLR cables through hole in ceiling near east wall)
  • AMR aps4 phantom power supply (3 input XLR cables; 3 output XLR cables on floor; 3 switches: power, lift in & lift out; plugs into wall to power on mics) (need to take picture of this, put up an image that I found online.)
  • Harbinger HA80 mixer (takes the output XLR cables from power supply; uses 6.5 mm audio output -- use 8 Ohm output, not the line out)
Connectors that worked with David's computer (Lenovo running Ubuntu)
  • 6.5mm to 3.5mm Trrs Adapter (Bietrun?) (female to male)
  • DuKabel USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB to Aux Cable with TRRS 4-Pole Mic-Supported USB to Headphone AUX Adapter Built-in Chip External Sound (female to male)
Attempted addition to run with Anne's Macbook pro
  • Cablesforless USB 3.1 Gen 1 C Male to A Female Adapter 5G 3A (female to male)
Talked to Apple. They basically abdicated.  The device was visible to the system, but not picking up signal.

Update 210629

Considering a projector

sample relationships between projection distance and screen size:

sample screen sizes:

Need to measure the size of the wall above the fireplace (8.5' across)

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