Friday, January 26, 2018

buykud scam

Here is what the dress looked like on their ad

They said the model was small, but they didn't say she was a dwarf.  They said the dress would fit small, medium, and large. This was a FB ad targeted to me in the USA.  I usually wear medium or large. I'm 5'7"  That's taller than the US average of 5'4", but not inordinately tall.  I wouldn't qualify to be a model in the US, where you have to be at least 5'8"

They also said that the dress would fit sizes 8-14 US.  I normally wear a 12.

This is what the dress looks like on me

The short part is too short for decency -- more like a tunic.  The sleeves are too short -- don't reach my wrists even with the arms extended. Moreover, that long, drapy look from the ad is completely absent.  It fits like a regular shirt on top.

The fabric is very warm, but there are no care instructions, so I have no idea whether it should be washed or dry cleaned.

They demand that I pay postage to return it.  The postage was $35, which was half the cost of the dress originally.

The USPS has eliminated sea mail, which would have been a cheap, but slow alternative for shipping.  Now that Chinese companies are putting so many clothing ads on FB, I think the USPS should re-institute sea mail so that US consumers can return merchandise to these Chinese fraudsters.

Their address:

Room 401, No.1 Building, JuHe Creative Park, Metallurgical Reseach Institute, Hebian  National Road 106, Baiyun  District,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Telephone :0086-020-86213862

ZIP : 510420 

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