Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On visiting Sterling Hall 6/29/2007

I wrote this poem back in 2007 when visiting Madison, Wisconsin.  My father was a physics professor who taught in Sterling Hall.  Sterling Hall was bombed in 1971 and a student was killed.  There is more about this in the book Rads

On Visiting Sterling Hall June 29, 2007
By Anne Barschall (daughter of late emeritus professor H.H. Barschall)

There is something about that door
That old and dingy looking door
Its concrete ornamentation grayed
By years of not so gentle weathering
Something dingy like the old photos
Of physicists, years ago
Photos I grew up looking at.

I thought the photos merely old
When I looked at them as a girl,
But I see now that, no,
Those scenes were always a bit dull
To the eye.

The fire that burned there
In corridors vilely beige and green
Was the fire of the mind
The lightening of genius within
Not without.

Sandaled feet,
A crop of disheveled hair,
Awkward glasses,
Baggy shirt and pants
Of indeterminate color,
Covering a slender form --
The archetypal physicist --

I saw him again today
Walking through the overpass
Between Sterling and Chamberlain,
No apparent difference having arisen
In 80 years of fashion
For the seekers of the watchworks
Of the cosmos,
His dedication to that same search
Showing in his external sameness,
A grayed and dingy sameness;

And a tracing of new brickwork,
On the building’s fa├žade,
Still tells a story of a different type of fire
That I remember from my childhood
A silent memory of a loud noise
In the night.

I hear they will renovate you,
Monument to vanished memories,
Infusing an aura of newness.
Will they try to make the sandaled gentleman
Wear something spiffier as well?


interview with Dave Schuster, my father's student, who was injured in the blast

Monday, September 22, 2014

This blog is an ongoing log of what I'm up to

Upcoming shows:

  • Class show in improv Dec 4 on Zoom.  Please contact me for link
  • I will be in a virtual play with Alpha NYC the afternoons of Dec 12 & 13 link for tickets

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News from 2020

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Current course

  • Art 147, "Introduction to Digital Animation" Prof. D Krikun (fall semester 2020 -- via Zoom) New blog site created for this course 
  • Improv 2, Magnet Theater with Ross Taylor (retaking the course -- via Zoom) October-December 2020. Class Show: December 4 on Zoom

courses completed

  • FTS 212 "Introduction to films and TV," Prof U Gonzalez, Lehman College online (Movies watched: "The Persistence of Vision," "The Kid," "Hugo," "13th," "Pulp Fiction," "The Unforgiven, "Pan's Labyrinth") (Encore program) (July-Aug 2020)
  • 6/1/20, 5/4/20, 4/27/20, 4/20/20, 4/1/20, 3/24/20, 2/25/20, 2/15/20 zoom dance class with James T Lane
  • 2/7/20 dance class with James T Lane
  • 1/21/20 dance class with James T. Lane

CLE courses completed

  • 9/5/20 "Social Security and Disability Claims: A Primer" United CLE
  • 8/25/20 "Dissecting the New York Primary: Lost Votes and the Creation of a Better Process for November"
  • 8/19/20 "Practicing Law in  a Pandemic: Remote Lawyering in the Age of COVID-19 Part II" United CLE
  • 8/8/20 "Recognizing and Removing Bias from the Legal Profession" United CLE
  • 6/23/20 "Litigating and appealing health care and long term disability insurance denials" United CLE
  • 5/22/20 "Hot Topics in IP" JPPCLE

media consumed

  • albums purchased: The Soundflowers EP; David Foster "Eleven Words," The Hu "Gereg," Avi Kaplan "I'll Get By", John Williams "The Rise of Skywalker," Adam Lambert "Velvet," Adam Lambert "Trespassing"
News from 2019

recent performances 

  • 12/21/19 performing with Cherub Improv at the Kessler Rehabilitation Center in West Orange, NJ
  • Concert with Bronx County Chorus 12/8/19 4pm, 1st Lutheran Church of Throggs Neck my blog about this concert
  • 11/27/19 recording VO for undisclosed commercial https://wavestudios.co.uk/
  • 11/23/19 filming "Fate" d S Rego, Brooklyn -- playing Lachesis
  • 11/21/19 rehearsing for Fates scene d S Rego
  • 11/16/19 sang in outreach concert with Bronx County Chorus at Amber Court Assisted Living Facility, Bronx, NY 
  • 11/13/19 participated in Magnet Megawatt Mixer, Magnet Theater 
  • 11/10/19 Cherub performance at NYU Langone was canceled
  • 10/17/19  My episode of The Creeping Hour, "Big Shoes," sponsored by #WGBH, drops at https://thecreepinghour.org/  More here https://annebarschall.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-creeping-hour.html
  • 10/14/19 assisted in Cherub Improv workshop at Kendal-on-Hudson, Sleepy Hollow, NY, d Jonathan Goldberg
  • 9/4/19 performed with Cherub Improv at Gilda's Glub, 195 W Houston, NYC d Evie Aronson
  •  “Turkeys go on Strike”  part of the Dreamup Festival at The Theatre for the New City 8/25 2pm; 8/26 9pm; 8/27 6:30pm; 8/28 9pm; 8/29 9pm; 8/31 8pm; 9/1 5pm  -- more information at this link
  • 8/15/19 9pm; 8/17/19 1:30 pm; 8/18/19 6:30 pm; "Boy in the Window" by Jones Price Daniels, Hudson Guild Theater (part of Summerfest) more information at this link
  • 7/28/19 performed with Cherub Improv at NYC Langone
  • 7/9/19 performed in the Megawatt Musical Mixer at the Magnet Theater in NYC
  • 7/9/19 recording undisclosed VO gig in NYC
  • 6/29/19 6pm Musical Improv Level 2 class show Striker Theater, PIT Theater FB Event Link
  • 6/11/19 performed in Magnet Theater musical mixer
  • 5/18/19 3pm & 5pm; 5/20/19 1pm played the Guard in "Twelve Angry Women", Alpha NYC, Producer's Club d Elizabeth Aquino
  • 5/17/19 attended premier of "Karate Christmas Miracle" at the Hoboken Film festival -- I have a small supporting role in this movie -- just want to congratulate Julie McCullough for an outstanding performance
  • 5/14/19 Cherub BBBS workshop d Michelle Francesca Thomas -- at Nickelodeon
  • 5/5 4pm Bronx County Chorus, First Lutheran Church of Throggs Neck More info Poor Unfortunate Souls SoloNarrator solo
  • 4/27/19 Outreach concert for Bronx County Chorus Amber court, 1800 Waring Avenue, Pelham manor, N.Y.  
  • 4/18/19 assisted in Cherub BBBS workshop at American Eagle d Michelle Francesca Thomas
  • 4/13/19 filming "Wax Castles of Love" d Amir Royale -- playing elderly astronaut
  • 4/8/19 Outreach concert for Bronx County Chorus, Kings Harbor Multicare Center, d. C Aquino Ave 7pm
  • 4/7/19 Wizard of Oz -- team B -- Producer's Club 4:25 pm and 5:15 pm
  • 3/23/19 filming "Rose (Older)" from "Clock and Life" d. Chengjin Zhuang
  • 3/16/19 performed with Cherub Improv at Kessler Rehab, West Orange, NJ d Jonathan Goldberg
  • 3/10/19 performed with Cherub Improv at NYU Langone d Evie Aronson
  • 2/18/19 participated in an outreach workshop with Cherub Improv at Kendal on Hudson, Sleepy Hollow NY d Jonathan Goldberg
  • 2/16/19 Performed with Cherub Improv at Kessler, West Orange, NJ d Jonathan Goldberg
  • 2/10/19 Performed with Cherub Improv at NYU Langone d Michael Condon
  • 2/6/19 participated in Magnet Megawatt mixer
  • 2/5/19 participated in Magnet Musical Mixer
  • 1/30/19 and 1/31/19 filming undisclosed commercial in White Plains -- I now have the video for these commercials, which I can share privately, but not on social media.  If you want to see them, let me know.
  • 1/27/19 Diversity Improv Jam at UCBeast blog here Penultimate Diversity Jam
  • 1/19/19 Playing Ms Pyne in filming of "Fallout" d Andrew Greil p Mackensie Orr
  • 1/17/19 reception for my art show "Spirals and Loops" at the Borough Park Library, Brooklyn NY  This reception goes until Valentine's day. Flyer here Flyer on Instagram
  • 1/11/19 performed in "Sleeping Ugly" at Westchester School for Special Needs
  • 1/10/19 performed in "Sleeping Ugly" at Cooke Academy
  • 1/8/19 performed in Magnet Musical Mixer 

Performance courses completed
  • Eurhythmics for seniors, with Leslie Purcell Upchurch, Lucy Moses School of Music
  • 2/2/19 Misha Calvert Actor's Connection
  • 11/10/19 Cherub Improv Rehearsal
  • September 2019 -- Diversity Training at Central Casting (online course)
  • 10/6/19 Costar Festival at Paul Michael's The Network featuring Joanne Levenger and Kimberly Graham
  • Musical Improv II 5/9/19-6/29/19 PIT Theater, Katie Hammond instructor
  • 6/11/19 Dance class with James T. Lane
  • 3/22/19 Dance Class with James T. Lane
  • 3/21/19 Voiceover Class with Lisa Fischoff at https://www.thenetworknyc.com/
  • 3/20/19 Scene Class with Allison Kirschner at https://www.thenetworknyc.com/
Art Shows

Shows & Media consumed this year
  • Plays and musicals: "Kiss Me Kate" 5/14/19 Studio 54 Theater, "Aladdin" 3/30/19 New Amsterdam Theater; "My Fair Lady" 2/27/19 Lincoln Center Theater
  • albums or singles bought recently: "Dive Bar Saints" by Home Free; "Velvet: Side A" by Adam Lambert; "Glam Nation" by Adam Lambert; One single by Dimash, 5 Singles by Adam Lambert; "Too Darn Hot" featuring James T Lane, Jonathan Young "Villains,"  Jackie Evancho "The Debut," Hosier "Wasteland, Baby," Avi Kaplan "Change on the Rise," Adam Lambert "Original High" album, Adam Lambert "Feel Something," Rag 'n' Bone Man "Human" album, Conchita Wurst "From Vienna With Love," 
  • film festival: "Love in Kilnerry"  Soho Film Festival, this was a great movie.  More info; "It Takes a Lunatic" Tribeca Film Festival lunatic selfie 1 lunatic selfie 2; "Karate Christmas Miracle" Hoboken International Film Festival (I'm in this movie)
  • movies seen in theaters recently: Frozen II, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Maleficent 2, Moonstones by Nicola Rose, Dark Phoenix, Alita Battle Angel, Captain Marvel, Josh Groban MSG Concert Movie (better sound than the original), How to Train Your Dragon 3, Mary Poppins returns, Aquaman, Spiderman into the Spiderverse
  • Also have NY philharmonic subscription
  • Concerts & Live Shows attended:  Josh Groban MSG 6/15/19; Chris Isaak 7/28/19 The Paramount, Long Island; Queen & Adam Lambert MSG 8/7/19; Igor Krutoy 10/26/19 Barclays Center; Julie Reumert Weill Concert Hall 11/8/19, Greyson Chance 11/9/19 Sony Hall, Home Free 11/10/19 Town Hall Theatre; Dimash 12/10/19 Barclays Center; Adam Lamber 12/15/19 Foxwoods, NY Theater Ballet "Nutcracker" 12/22/19 Tarrytown Music Hall
Legal courses completed
  • 11/13/19 Fall One Day Program, NYIPLA
  • 9/16/19 "How Leadership Can Create Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession" United CLE online
  • 9/12/19 "Hot Topics in Copyright Law" United CLE online
  • 7/5/19 "Ethical Considerations of Clergy Confidentiality" -- United CLE online
  • 6/10/19 Borderline Personality Disorder: Pre-Plea and Pre-sentence Criminal Mitigation Strategies -- United CLE online
  • 5/20/19 "The Cutting Edge of Cryptocurrency" sponsored by the Dartmouth Lawyers Association, Dartmouth Club of NY, and Women of Dartmouth, at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
  • 5/13/19 "Owners Agreements for Start-ups and Relatively New Companies" United CLE online
  • JPPCLE 5/2/19 Crowne Plaza Times Square, NYC
  • 4/18/19 "Top 10 Things You Should Tell Your Startup Client" United CLE online
  • TSI Symposium: China, the U.S., and Global Trade Secrets Enforcement; Brooklyn Law School 3/27/18
Legal other
  • filed amicus brief with SCOTUS in favor of petition for certiorari in InvestPIC v SAP

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Here's a photo taken by Brad Benson of me performing with Lauren Stripling at The Magnet Theater in November of 2014.


          How this page started:

          I made my very first attempt to post updates on linkedin with some of the above.

          This was one of those hard knocks things.

          First, they have rather small limits on the lengths of updates.

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          So I deleted my post, put a link to this blog on linkedin, and am maintaining this for recent updates.  I also have a link to this update page on my website and on my profile at Paul Michael's The Network. I am grateful to this website for allowing me to be verbose and format and reformat my posts.