Monday, January 11, 2016

travel report 1/10/16

I went to a family wedding in Richmond, VA.  I wrote some notes on my experience

Travel reports
1) traffic problems in NJ and Fredericksburg due to accidents on the way down
2) D.C. Beltway Friday evening at rush hour wasn't all that bad. We only started getting problems after we left it. 
3) Google maps gets confused if you take the express lane on i-95 south of D.C. 
4) some highways in VA have a speed limit of 70 mph
5) gas in VA is even cheaper than NJ. Saw some at $1.59/gal
6) the distance between the last rest stop in VA and the first in MD, if you take the Baltimore/Washington parkway, is inhuman
7) wearing a polyester velvet jacket over a polyester velvet dress is like wearing a python. They walk against each other, using static electricity, until they crush you. I had to pull over to escape.
8) I told my sons that it isn't o.k. to wear black to a wedding, but lots of people did
9) with an older couple, who have requested no presents, a case of toilet paper can still be useful
10) Baptist churches are independent and can affiliate with several Baptist conferences at once, even tho there are big political differences between the conferences.
11) unlike most service plazas, the Maryland House actually has some decent vegan options at the Mexican place, but the Wi-Fi is lousy. The Mexican place reminds me a bit of Chipotle. I hope I don't get food poisoning
12) it's really hard to go from the Vince Lombardi service area to the 46 East exit at the end of the NJ Turnpike
13) my new velvet accessory jacket is the same color as church cushions and carpets.

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