Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mask and face shield adventures

Here is an instagram video of me with my shop towel mask.

I got the SDS (safety data sheet) for the shop towels that I used and I didn't see anything dangerous on there, but they still give me a sore throat, so I don't like them. They were tested by someone at the University of North Carolina and they supposedly functioned better than standard surgical masks.  I did find that they fit my face well and didn't seem to have gaps around the edges.  I also found that I could breath fairly well through them.

I also tried the double towel mask, which is supposedly even more effective, but I found that I couldn't breathe well through it, which the video that talked about it warned about.

The following is a video about a plastic face shield that I ordered off of an instagram ad.  This was a dud.

Observations about soft plastic face shields

This is a video about a home made face mask that I got from a friend.

I've become convinced that the eyes are probably the primary way that COVID-19 would enter the body.

The mouth contains saliva, which is acid, and then you swallow a lot, which takes things down to the stomach, which is even more acid.  I've seen doctors claiming that the SARS-COV2 does not survive stomach acid.

The nose is pointing downwards, so, while you might inhale viruses, they won't normally just go flying in there.

The eyes, on the other hand, are just sitting right there in the front of your face where anything can fly in.  So I tried buying some prescription swim goggles, with the thought that they might be good for keeping viruses out of eyes.  These are the ones I ordered

They came quickly.  Given the very low price, I was astounded that I really could see very well.  They aren't as sophisticated as the glasses you pay more for.  They don't have astigmatism correction.  They don't account for pupilary distance, but for eight bucks they're pretty amazing.  If you can't afford glasses, you might try this.  Here's a photo of me with them on

I do find though that they're not really comfortable enough to wear all day.  They make my mug look oval, though, again, for the price, not so bad.  There was a weird adjustment going back to my regular glasses after wearing them.

Another issue that they have is that the plastic strap is sort of staticky and is a definite hair tangling hazard.  I accidentally pulled out a hunk of hair with them when I took them off. They probably work best over a swim cap.

If I ever dare go swimming again, I'm definitely going to use them.  I do think that germs travel pretty fast in water, so I don't think that swimming is going to be a good option this summer.  Still, as I said, for eight buck these have optical correction, UV protection, and anti-fog coating, which makes them pretty amazing to me -- and, since they are water tight, and definitely seal to my face, I do suspect they would keep virions out of my eyes.

Here's one about a face shield that I like

This is where I got this on amazon

I'm going to post more instagram videos soon about my adventures.

This is a video about putting buttons on your glasses to hang masks from.  I'm putting the link here just in case I want to find it again

This is about copper alloy devices for pushing buttons and opening doors