Thursday, March 29, 2018

Backblaze is a scam

I've been paying them for years for backup services.

When I finally needed the backup, they sent me a disk that I had to pay $189 for.  It crashed.  I couldn't copy the files from it.

Now they want me to buy another disk.

Also, they have no phone support -- only e-mail support.  I keep having to repeat things over and over and never get anything fixed.  These people are scum.




I was finally able to download some files over the Internet, though it took forever.  I had to set my computer to not go to sleep, as going to sleep would interrupt the download.

Also: now here's a tricky thing -- backblaze interferes with the operation of photobooth on mac, because it apparently is trying to backup the video you're creating as you create it.  The result was the my videos were getting out of sync.  Very frustrating. PLUS backblaze doesn't appear in the list of active programs in the force quit window on mac, so you can't turn it off if it's causing a problem.  It turns out you have to turn it off by going into system preferences for backblaze and setting it only to backup when requested, rather than continuously.  Then photobooth works ok.  Then, obviously, you have to set it back after you're done with the video.

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